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MyProcess provides consulting and implementation services specialising in Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Integration and Automation.

Business Process Management (BPM)

We develop a process-centric view of your business. We provide services that include process design, process optimisation and process automation.

Once business processes have been designed and optimised, MyProcess designs, develops and implements systems that embed the business processes into your organisation. This ensures that processes are followed completely and consistently.

Enterprise Process Automation

Automating business processes reduces the cost of operations, improves lead times, increases quality and ensures process are followed consistently and products and services are delivered to a consistently high standard.

Enterprise Integration

As part of building intelligent, automated business processes, we expertly integrate your existing systems, applications and your stakeholders in order that they may participate in your business processes.

Human Workflow

People always play an integral part in any business process. We incorporate people into business processes in such a way that they add value to your business and minimise the amount of waste associated with repetitive, manual tasks that add no value.

To Summarise

We use a combination of advanced technology, process theory, industry standards and best practice to deliver intelligent, agile business processes. We incorporate existing IT assets, employees, customers and suppliers into business processes that extend beyond traditional business boundaries. The result is intelligent business processes that are:

  • standardised,
  • measurable,
  • agile,
  • consistently and completely executed and
  • able to meet compliance requirements.

These processes deliver higher quality products, lower costs and business agility to your business and your supply chain.

See our services page for more details.

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