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MyProcess provides services in four core areas. In most scenarios the solutions we deliver contain elements from each of the core areas as well as from various bodies of knowledge including process theory and mathematics. We implement best practices and good governance. The four core areas are:

Business Process Management (BPM)

All businesses have processes. It is important to be aware of your processes and actively manage them. Business Process Management enables businesses to be agile, improve the quality of their products and services and the consistency with which they deliver that quality.

At a business level, MyProcess applies the principles embodied in the Lean Six Sigma approach to process optimisation. We apply this approach as a lightweight methodology to guide us rather than letting the approach become the focus of effort and creating another layer of complexity.

At a technical level, we assist in the establishment of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). We employ various middleware components that provide a solid foundation upon which to build agile processes.

We do not reinvent the wheel by writing unnecessary code. We only write code that is related to your business rules. That way our effort focuses on adding value to your business, rather than on technical efforts which add cost and time to projects.

Enterprise Integration

MyProcess's bespoke solutions integrate the systems and applications that need to participate in business processes. Integration reduces manual recapture, and improves the lead times of product and service delivery. Integration exposes the data and information in your systems to your business processes.


Most organisations have manual, repetitive tasks, that are time consuming and expensive. MyProcess solutions can automate many of these repetitive tasks, make decisions and automatically enforce compliance requirements, with minimal human intervention.

Application Performance Management (APM)

Business Processes that span multiple departments, systems and applications can be difficult to monitor. MyProcess is able to deliver application monitoring and BAM solutions that provide end-to-end visibility of each business process.

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