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Intalio Inc.

MyProcess is proud to be an Intalio partner. We are the first UK based organisation to partner with Intalio. We are trained on and experienced in using Intalio's Business Process Management System (BPMS) product.

Products versus Services

Intalio offers a variety of technology products. Professional services are delivered via their partner network. MyProcess consultants are trained on the following Intalio products:

  • Intalio BPMS (Business Process Management System)
  • Intalio Create - Rapid Application Development Platform

Intalio Business Process Management System (BPMS)

Intalio BPMS is a leading Open Source Business Process Management System. It supports business users by providing an environment to visually model business processes, thus expressing them in an explicit manner and in a format that can be shared across your organisation.

For Business Users...

MyProcess employs a "three-tier" methodology which assists us to model processes at the right level of business granularity. Our methodology aligns the implementation of the processes with the business process themselves, delivering the intended benefits.

MyProcess models processes at up to five layers of detail. These five levels help evolve processes from a high level business process, through to a feature complete process, from a business perspective, and ultimately to a technical process that is capable of being executed on the BPEL engine.

Different versions of a process can be executed side by side. This allows existing in-flight instances of a process version to complete their execution within that process's definition while any new instances will be executed according to the newer process definition.

For Technical Users...

From a technical perspective Intalio BPMS is a leading Open Source BPMS that executes BPEL on a high performance BPEL engine. Processes are modelled using BPMN, deployed to the BPEL engine and executed.

Processes support a variety of message exchange patterns and are exposed as web services which can be accessed via a SOAP or REST interface.

Intalio BPMS is able to support reliable messaging using SOAP over JMS. All process data is also executed within transactions and persisted. Intalio BPMS can be clustered in an active / active configuration providing High-Availability (HA).

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